Digital Transformation: A project promoted by the USM of Chile, it includes the use of technologies such as Blockchain

The Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María USM of Valparaíso, Chile, announced on August 3 on its news portal USM Noticias, the launch of the International Seminar on Digital Transformation, where they will address issues of growth in the area of technology, such as cyber security and blockchain.

Their first interactive online talk, „How to live Agile, in a context of Digital Transformation,“ will be held through weekly webinars between August and November of this year.

The project, promoted by the Computing Department of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, began its launch on August 4, from 4:15 p.m., with the participation of Danilo González, Vice-President of Scotiabank Chile, and will be followed by the first seminar, entitled „How to live Agile, in a context of Digital Transformation“, given by Roberto Moraga, Lean Business Agility Transformation Coach at Tata Consultancy Services, which will be broadcast weekly through the official online channel.

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The seminars, has the alliance of various centers and educational institutions at the level of Latin America, and is accessible to all people who have interest in the topics to be discussed at each meeting, but the invitation is mainly directed to students, teachers, professionals and researchers in the areas of computer science, computing, systems and areas at the end of the various universities, research groups associated with the personal proposal of the companies.

Within the educational conglomerate that makes up this academic alliance, the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile, is leading this innovation project, followed by Universidad EAFIT, Colombia; Universidad de Medellín, Colombia; Research Group: Information Technology Innovation, Colombia; Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Ibarra Campus, Ecuador; Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador; Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela; and the Tepuy Network.

Digital Transformation: within the reach of all
„This activity is completely free for attendees and is an excellent opportunity to improve a host of skills, associated with the need for companies to adapt to changing customer demands and the employment challenges of new generations of professionals,“ said Franklin Rivas, professor and Assistant Director of Media Relations at USM’s Information Technology Department and coordinator of the event, to USM News.

The emergence of digital reality

Each digital broadcast will last between 40 and 45 minutes, where participants will have the opportunity to interact through an instant chat about the rise in the technological area, such as cyber security, Bitcoin Era technology and agile development methods. There will also be a space to answer questions from professionals and experts from Scotiabank, Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Globant AlquimiaSoft, Everis, Accenture and Zinobe, who will talk about the projects they are developing, the innovative technologies they are using and successful and enriching experiences.

After being transmitted by the online channel, each presentation will be recorded in public mode by means of a video, and will be disseminated through social networks and websites of the various university institutions, research groups and companies that are associated with the project.